Mozzarella and Pumpkin — an odd couple?

I remember being gobsmacked  when reading about a recipe for a summer dish consisting of mozzarella and melon — it seemed such a risqué combination then to me (we’re talking 2004) whereas now I think of it as old, albeit delicious, hat.  Great for parties by the way.

There it is being served as an antipasto at a birthday party a few years ago …

Anyway, don’t ask me why or how, I decided I would attempt a wintry version of an orange and white antipasto, using pumpkin instead of melon.  Try it and tell me what you think!

Cut 4 (or more obviously) thinnish slices of pumpkin or squash.

Blanch them in simmering, salted water for a few minutes until just tender (say 3 minutes). Take them out of the water and lay them on a clean dishcloth to cool.

When the slices have cooled down, lay them down side by side.

Shred some buffalo mozzarella and squeeze a little to get rid of any excess liquid … and place on the centre of the pumpkin slice.  Sprinkle some pink pepper berries on top of that, as well as salt.

Crunch up some walnuts and scatter those all around too.  Add salad leaves and drizzle with olive oil to complete the dish.

Confession: I had intended to use arugula/rocket leaves but when I went to the fridge to fetch them …. I saw to my dismay that they had gone limp and considerably well past their sell-by date and so had to make do with lettuce instead.

A peek closer-up …

The odd couple — pumpkin and mozzarella — made friends and blended famously with the fragrant olive oil, the crunchy walnuts and the sweet spice of the pink peppers.  The salad leaves add that ‘healthy’ and ‘good for you’ note and all in all this is definitely a dish I shall prepare again!

P.S. If you want to know more about pink peppers, click here:

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