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Roman Oxtail and Cus Cus – Fusion, Confusion and Creativity

  When I hear or overhear people enthusiastically call themselves ‘creative’ cooks, I confess that, unless the person in question is young (under sixteen) I tend to shudder inwardly and, outwardly, try to change the subject of conversation if need … Continue reading

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Head Nodding, Sighing and Enjoying Roman-style Oxtail Stew – Coda di bue alla vaccinara

This is a fourth post that I am writing on His Excellency The Oxtail Stew (coda di bue alla vaccinara) … which tells me two things.  One … that I like it and two, that I like to play around … Continue reading

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Orange-Scented Hummus

I read about Smitten Kitchen’s technique for making the fluffiest of hummuses a few weeks ago ( and although I have no reason to doubt the culinary sagacity of its author (on the contrary I am a great admirer), I … Continue reading

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Artichokes and the Pressure Cooker

This is a very ‘technical’, ‘dry’ sort of post I suppose … but one that might prove very useful for anyone wanting to cut a few corners when cooking artichokes: i.e.  the benefit of a pressure cooker. Artichokes take a … Continue reading

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Taking the pressure off Polenta Sauces

I remember the summer we decided to buy a pressure cooker while on a family holiday in the Marche, circa 1994-1995 with my in-laws and my husband and our young children all oohing and aaahing.  I had finally relented and … Continue reading

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