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Insalata di Gamberoni with Kiwi Fruit

Gamberetti = shrimps Gamberi = prawns Gamberoni = large or king prawns I suppose one could make this dish with gamberi (ordinary prawns) just as well … but sometimes, I think that size does matter and so I chose to … Continue reading

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Bright salad for dark days: Oranges and Fennel Salad

In the days of yore, before all kinds of foods were available all year round and not just when in season, it used to be that green salad (lettuce and all its leafy cousins) was only eaten during the warmer … Continue reading

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Cichorium intybus

Now now! Cichorium intybus is neither a swear word nor some Latin formula, nor yet a spell appertaining to a mystery school Magick.  It is a plant food, which goes by the name of “cicoria” in Italian, that is bought … Continue reading

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A clever Wintry Roman-Style Antipasto – Ricotta, Pancetta and Guanciale

By clever, I mean that the execution of the recipe is very very easy and the result quite quite charmingly yummy, given the humble ingredients. We are talking about ricotta cheese, pecorino romano cheese, pancetta and roman broccoli. Boil or … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving is a wonderful idea … I really do think it is just and fitting to express our gratitude frequently and using a good meal surrounded by friends and family can’t be topped.

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Posh Polenta

The reason I am writing about polenta is because it is such a versatile ingredient and I get the impression that home cooks do not call upon it often enough when caught in the grip of solving a culinary conundrum.  … Continue reading

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Making crespelle batter for a school fundraising dinner

I ended up using 7 lt of milk which entailed cracking 56 eggs … not the sort of thing one does every day, and not without help either, but last Friday it was fun.  Here are the photos of how … Continue reading

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The Peerless Pancake – Crepes and Crespelle

Crepes come from France, as we all know,  but crespelle (same thing, same root word) come from Italy aha! But WHO started them first?  Who, who, who, who? I want to know.  There is always a bit of rivalry between … Continue reading

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Let’s be amused … making clarified butter

I was very amused by an ad on British TV (dating back to the mid 1980s I think) for Rawlings Indian Tonic Water … you know, for gin and tonic.  In it are featured a threesome made up of a … Continue reading

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