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Cabbage and Rice and all Things Nice – All in one with the Cornish Game Hen

The idea was to introduce more cabbage into our family’s regular eating habits.  Nobody in my immediate family jumps up and down for joy at the thought of eating cabbage and so I was looking for a cunning plan, see? … Continue reading

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Head Nodding, Sighing and Enjoying Roman-style Oxtail Stew – Coda di bue alla vaccinara

This is a fourth post that I am writing on His Excellency The Oxtail Stew (coda di bue alla vaccinara) … which tells me two things.  One … that I like it and two, that I like to play around … Continue reading

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The Grand-Duchess of Frascati – The Delight of Shopping at Ceralli’s

I do love to sleep in on a Sunday morning — or rather, that’s what I tell myself.  The truth is probably more like … I would so love to possess the right amount of self discipline to wake up … Continue reading

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Soup – Combining the Smoothness of Chickpeas with the Highlights of Seafood: Passata di Ceci con Scampetti di Manfredonia e Cannolicchi

Chickpeas are loved the world over and I for one am enamoured of their little round shape … but … if you think about it, a lot of recipes seem to require the smashing up of cooked chickpeas.  Think hummus … Continue reading

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Kale Soup and the Sausage

I dedicate this post to Johnny Hepburn of ” ” whose take on soup never fails to amaze me as I look on and imagine the layers of taste constituted by him therein.  He is a superb soup maker. First, … Continue reading

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Amatriciana and/or Matriciana Definitive Approach

This is the fifth time I write about this dish … and I am pretty much convinced (never say never, I know!) that it is going to be the definitive approach for me.   I have been making it this … Continue reading

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Lamon bean and pork rind stew – Fagioli con le Cotiche

Beans are good for the heart, and a bean is a bean is a bean, isn’t that so?  The Lamon beans were a first for me and when the grocer recommended them as being special, I was drawn to nodding … Continue reading

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