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Aesop, Morals, an Indian Summer and Frying Foods to the Sound of Cicadas

Did any of you study French at school? Did any of you study La Fontaine and his interpretations of Aesops’ fables?  If so, you might empathise with my frame of mind … There are only a few hours before October … Continue reading

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Figs and Paté and all is Okay!

Lord knows I am too old to be pregnant but a few days ago I was unaccountably overcome by the persistent desire for a particular food that was most akin to pregnant women’s so-called ‘crazy cravings’.  Huh!  Chicken liver paté. … Continue reading

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Polenta Wafers – Inspired by Salvatore Tassa and his “Colline Ciociare” Restaurant

And now … for something completely different! As the Monty Python used to say.  And by ‘different’, I mean something a trifle unnecessary but oh-so-delightful in the kitchen department. Goodness knows, anyone who has cause to read my blog on … Continue reading

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Carbonara Cauliflower Mac n’ Cheese

“Loving the Leftovers” … that is a category I added to my posts because ” l’arte del riciclo “, which translates into English as the art of using leftovers, is all about creating a FRESH dish using the remains of … Continue reading

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