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Mauro on the Beach at Sabaudia after Trespassing in San Felice Circeo

What does the Odyssey have in common with Virgil’s Aenid when it comes to San Felice Circeo? Why it is Circe, of course, or “la maga Circe” as she is called in Italian — the enchantress, sorceress or goddess of … Continue reading

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Courgette and Prawn Pasta with Tomato Foxtrot Bisque

This is the sort of recipe that will appeal to people who do not mind dealing with details and a series of steps.  It is not at all ‘difficult’ but it does require a little patience, and I don’t know … Continue reading

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Pasta alla Nerano Attempt

I read about this recipe very recently on facebook … and now I can’t find my notes.  I googled and only found the text written by Luciano Pignataro on his blog. Anyway – it sounded nice and very summery and … Continue reading

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FORLIMPOP-OLISTIC-EXPI-ALI-DOCIOUS (even thought the sound of it is something quite ….. ) It’s the end of June, it’s deliciously warm as opposed to hot and sticky, you’re with the person you love, you’re even celebrating a wedding anniversary from long … Continue reading

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Prosciutto Wrapped Veal Fillet

Fresh back from a trip to Emilia Romagna, my mood remained buoyant and bubbly for about a couple of days before domestic matters reared their needy heads and clamoured for immediate attention.  Put it this way: there was a mountain … Continue reading

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Gastro-Travelling: Tales from Emilia Romagna Culturequake Series (1)

Transport is all about getting from A to B.  Travel, instead, is all about what envelops us, physically, mentally and emotionally, while we are getting from A to B and then again when we eventually get to B itself.  It … Continue reading

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Bean Bonanza – Zuppa di fagioli e cozze

Ingredients: fresh borlotti beans, mussels, garlic, olive oil, a sprig of rosemary. I bought fresh borlotti beans at the market.  Here they are cooking. I also bought some mussels, called Niedditas, that hail from Sardinia and are supposed to be … Continue reading

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