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Gustavo’s culinary invention!

A very nice acquaintance of the family whom we call “Uncle” Gustavo is a wonderful cook …  and he told me today that his most recent culinary invention is a … wait for it … carbonara pasta with carciofi (artichokes)!  … Continue reading

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Picnic Divino

← A picnic at home The ‘picnic’ went very well I’m glad to say … there were salads on the table, some crudités to dip into a wonderful olive oil seasoned with coarse sea salt and pepper (“pinzimonio”) and another dip … Continue reading

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A picnic at home

What do you do when you have 22 people over for ‘luncheon’ on a Saturday and your apartment is about 1,000 sq ft?  You organise a stand-up buffet, I suppose.  And you can pretend you are outdoors and turn it … Continue reading

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Missing our Friends and Co-workers in Vancouver

No home food tonight! Eat your heart out in Vancouver — Alanna and I are going out for a wood fired pizza in Frascati … so  we can ponder while you work. (Check out the drums)

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