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Onion jam

How many people do you know who wake up one morning and say to themselves “I think I am going to be very self indulgent today and make myself some onion jam”?  Most people I know, including me of course, … Continue reading

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Meatballs that are cooked the ‘damp’ way – Polpette in Umido

If there are two words that unleash terror in any Italian over the age of 70, say, they would be “corrente” (draught, an air current) followed very closely by “umido” meaning damp.  They are invested with quasi supernatural powers in … Continue reading

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Cheese at Ariccia’s Saturday and Sunday Farmers’ Market

Ariccia’s Farmers’ Market had me going there three times over two weekends.  I hope the novelty won’t wear off, especially when the colder or wet weather sets in.  There is just something about a market that awakes an atavistic response … Continue reading

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Elisabeth’s afternoon cakes and Helga’s Sachertorte

Helga is a lovely girl from Austria who is also friend of my friend from Germany, Elisabeth. Throughout the four years that Elisabeth’s and my daughter were at the same secondary school, the school bus would drop them off very … Continue reading

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