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The commoner’s potato cake

I wrote about the aristocratic backdrop to the ‘gattò di patate’ only a few weeks ago, because the theme of blue blood came to mind in view of the impending Kate and Wills’ wedding.  On the actual day of the … Continue reading

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Gotta Ricotta?

The reader could perceive of me as someone very nonchalant in declaring she makes ricotta gnocchi all the time or … as someone who is willing to come clear and confess that the only reason she went to the trouble … Continue reading

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Amuse-bouche with Creatures of the deep

For all that I can’t get overly excited about molecular gastronomy or progressive cuisine, it seems to me that … all this scientific and experimental approach to cooking has just got to be a big cover-up for big boys wanting … Continue reading

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The Sheen of Green

I’ve dabbled in yoga, as I’m sure many people have, as a venue  for healthy exercise … and would never ever dream of purporting to be anything but a ‘dabbler’ when I say: is it any wonder that the Anahata … Continue reading

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Chilled Asparagus and Venus Clam soup served in a glass

This is a recipe I learned at the Gambero Rosso cooking school in Rome a few years ago so I take no credit for it whatsover.  I love the fact that it can be made in advance and put in … Continue reading

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Never be short of Opposite Leaved Saltwort

Opposite Leaved Saltwort? What’s that? Oh, it’s just another name for Salsola soda, duh!  You know … Oppositeleaf Russian Thistle. Doesn’t that ring a bell?  Oh very well then, here’s another hint: Barilla plant. No?  no wonder.  I’d never heard … Continue reading

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A Royal Wedding and a misspelled cake – gattò di patate

I was musing over the forthcoming wedding of Kate and Wills the other day and imagining what a nightmare a royal banquet must be these days for the planners and organisers.  Can you imagine! — it’s not just a question … Continue reading

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