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A spinach appetizer with salt cod quenelles and fried polenta cubes

I don’t normally do ‘fiddly’ but now and then it’s fun.  I was inspired by a recipe I saw in a book dedicated to spinach but didn’t have half the ingredients with me at the time — and so came … Continue reading

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Mantecato di Baccalà, Brandade with Almonds, and Quenelles

“Non fare il baccalà” is an Italian way of telling someone, “Don’t be silly/stupid” — and I really don’t know why baccalà, aka salt cod, should be associated with lack of intelligence.  But I do know that I love it … Continue reading

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Making polenta for future use

I needed some fried polenta as a garnish for a dish that also requires spinach and cod quenelles.  I shall ‘assemble’ this recipe, so to speak, in three stages starting, now, with the polenta. Polenta may not be very ‘exciting’ on its … Continue reading

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Organic Pub Grub for inspiration

A few years ago, I came across an enquiry in the Gambero Rosso magazine about food trends in London and one whole article was dedicated to a Pub run by the ‘pasionaria’, as they called her, Geetie Singh.  Her pub was the first organic … Continue reading

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Rice fritters with leftover risotto

I had a wisdom tooth extracted not so long ago and so, as soon as I was able to eat ‘solids’ again, I opted for a risotto for lunch.  It happened to be a risotto made with sausage and pumpkin … Continue reading

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My Goliath, Heston Blumenthal and his Tagliata!

I feel like the biblical David taking on Goliath … and the giant in question goes by the name of … Heston Blumenthal.  Katie Parla who gastronomically writes as an expert not just on her own but also on the … Continue reading

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Meat and two veg – and the special one of the two veg (Mashed Potatoes)

      When I was growing up, dinner was nearly always about meat and two vegetables.  Even when one went out to a restaurant (we’re talking the early seventies here), there would be an hors d’hoeuvre or starter followed by meat … Continue reading

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