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The ‘en garde’ fish – pesce sciabola

Considering how much I love to spend money — and by ‘spend’ I mean invest as oppose to ‘waste’ — and taking it for granted that no one would associate thrift and my person in the same sentence, I am … Continue reading

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Pushing My luck with Porchetta – A Second Attempt

So chuffed was I by my first attempt at making porchetta that I just had to try it a second time and brave the chance of beginner’s luck not sustaining me this time around. Result?  Glee.  Tee hee!  All went … Continue reading

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Linguine alle vongole

Since it was only recently that I wrote a post on Spaghetti alle vongole (on 16th May: (, you might wonder why I would go to the trouble of repeating myself on the subject.  The reasons are two and not … Continue reading

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Cacio e Pepe

Black pepper and pecorino romano cheese … these are the two, the only two, ingredients for this pasta sauce that shouts “Roma” from the roof tops. Some people add olive oil, others butter … but the hallmark of il cacio … Continue reading

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Beginner’s Luck with Home-Made Porchetta

Why make porchetta when you can buy it, living as we do within driving distance of Ariccia — arguably the most famous porchetta in Italy and which has attained IGP status as of last month (i.e. it has been recognised … Continue reading

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The ultimate must-have kitchen utensil: a brick

I went to the place where builders buy their stuff … including bricks.  I picked out two and went to the cash desk with them.  The guy gave me a funny look (who on earth goes round buying only two … Continue reading

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Riso Venere Rice Salad with Mortadella and Kiwi

Rice salads, served at room temperature, are a very popular lunch dish at this time of year. The rice is boiled, drained and allowed to cool … at which point any kind of chopped up food can be added to … Continue reading

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