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Salt Cod Anonymous

Salted cod or salt cod or baccalà, as it is known in Italy, is eaten throughout the year but I tend to think of it as a dish that is particularly fitting for cold days and nights.  Each region in … Continue reading

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Nutty about nuts! – Curry Nut Roast

Nuts are a wonderful invention of Nature and it’s a shame, really, that we tend to eat nuts mainly, or only, as ‘nibbles’, to accompany a drink at happy hour, or to add crunch to a cake. They are full … Continue reading

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Onion soup, anyone? Carabaccia?

It’s getting to be the end of November and even though the temperature in and around Rome is nowhere near levels of brrrrrr wintryness, psychologically and seasonally it is time to make soup.  What could be more classic than French … Continue reading

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The trouble with buffets and why arrosticini are a God-send

I often prefer a buffet dinner to a sit-down affair if a large number of people are involved, because a buffet allows a vital flow of movement and one can pick and choose one’s interlocutors and avoid long spells with … Continue reading

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Copying the Spanish tapas with the colours of the Italian flag!

A lovely friend from Spain, M., who has been living here for over twenty years on account of being married to an Italian as well as working for the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, invited us to dinner last Saturday … Continue reading

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Roasted pork fillet on chunky bread

The pork tenderloin or fillet is a skinny looking piece of meat  … But it can go a long way! Here is a very simple recipe.  First of all, preheat the oven at 200°C.  Then, slather the pork with olive … Continue reading

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Mozzarella and Pumpkin — an odd couple?

I remember being gobsmacked  when reading about a recipe for a summer dish consisting of mozzarella and melon — it seemed such a risqué combination then to me (we’re talking 2004) whereas now I think of it as old, albeit … Continue reading

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Taking stock over making stock – Oliver’s brodo

On a recent trip to Tuscany, my favorite Canadian friend was incredulous that she was unable to find chicken stock in food shops and supermarkets the way she can, say, at the Granville Market in Vancouver.  And for my part, … Continue reading

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Macaroni and cheese – sort of – with Broccolo romano

I find that using lovely tableware makes every meal a special occasion  —  even if the repast in question is a homey pasta concoction called a ‘pasticcio’ in Italian. Here is the recipe for a Pasticcio di Broccolo Romano.  If … Continue reading

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Slow Cooking for easy cooking – Stracotto di stinco di vitella

Braised veal shin or shank or whatever they’re called.   Braising is the best kind of cooking for colder weather.  It is slooooow and easy cooking because it does not require a lot of thinking. Here is the shin with … Continue reading

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