Risotto alla Carbonara

We love our pasta in this family, we do.

For a variety of reasons, one of which is that pasta lends itself to being concocted in the briefest of time frames and using whatever ingredients are there to be sourced, easily within reach in the fridge or in the store cupboard.  Woe betide us otherwise … It has to be said, fortunately, that woe has not had cause to betide us ever!  Not … that is … until last Saturday when I realised that our home was woefully bereft of any pasta! (Signature dramatic music and rolling of the drums !)  Gob-smacked and reeling from the shock (it was past one o’clock) …. what to do, what do to?????.

A packet of Carnaroli rice stood to attention in the store cupboard.  Noblesse oblige.

And that is how this strange recipe came about … instead of making a ‘normal’ Carbonara (i.e. using pasta), I ended up making a Carbonara risotto.  And, hey!, in for a penny, in for a pound … there were a few courgettes lurking about so I added them too.  What is a girl to do? Sigh.

Shame faced but artfully camouflaging the fact, I infused my voice with a tone of glee as I announced to the usual suspects, my oft forebearing family members, that they were going to be delighted by a ‘new’ dish today.

I began by toasting the rice the usual way, and adding some chopped up onion, and adding half the guanciale to the mix … and then boiling water.  I didn’t have time to make a vegetable stock.

IMG_2347 While the risotto was cooking merrily away …IMG_2348 I cooked the guanciale until it was almost crispy and then added some sliced courgettes.IMG_2349 Two egg yolks straight from the fridge …IMG_2350 Some grated pecorino cheese (pecorino romano) ….IMG_2351 I mixed the egg yolks and the pecorino and made a thick paste (a ‘roux’).IMG_2352 When the risotto was cooked, I switched off the heat and added this egg and cheese paste.IMG_2353 I used a wooden spoon to combine it and create creaminess in the risotto ….IMG_2354 And then added the courgettes and guanciale that I had cooked separately.IMG_2355 On the plate with lashings of freshly grated pepper for me ….IMG_2356 IMG_2357Would I make it again … sure, why not?  Guanciale, pancetta and sausage make anything taste better anyway.  Presentation could definitely benefit from a little more care but … can I tell you?  We were all starving and there just wasn’t time for that.   A good appetite has a way of setting priorities in proper order.  Crotchety people are very often hungry people.

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6 Responses to Risotto alla Carbonara

  1. Interesting idea! Like you, pasta is the go-to weeknight dinner at ours, but the occasional risotto makes its appearance, too. And as often as I make carbonara, it never occurred to me to turn it into a risotto…

  2. You see how useful a paste-less store cupboard can be at times ? !!! Necessity is the mother of invention in the kitchen too, I suppose ! 🙂

  3. well this has need occurred to me, but now it has. will try it soon. feeling pathetically delighted to have discovered that our local italian makes proper carbonara,hard to find here, usually swimming in cream and cheese. inventive and energetic as ever jo. x

  4. Karen says:

    I know I would be delighted with your “new” dish. I’ve never made a paste of the eggs and cheese before, I will have to try that the next time I make carbonara.

  5. Hiya Karen … I always make this ‘paste’/roux when making carbonara now, it makes it so much easier!. If you skip all the ramble and history of carbonara, you might want to take a look at this old post of mine: https://myhomefoodthatsamore.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/carbonara-evolution-and-repetita-juvant/

  6. Snatching victory (and what a victory) from the jaws of defeat, Jo! Love the courgettes in it too.

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