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Where have all the flowers gone?

By flowers I mean the blossoms that sprout off the very humble vegetable known as “courgette” in France and Britain and “zucchina” in Italy and in the US.   They flower in late Spring and are usually out of season by … Continue reading

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Big Mac on Tuesday, fish day

Traditionally, fish (as in fresh fish and as opposed to meat) has been eaten in Italy especially on Tuesdays and Fridays. I don’t know what got into me today, maybe it’s because the empty-nest syndrome is playing hide and seek … Continue reading

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Monday’s risotto – Risotto with Beaten Eggs

So … Monday late morning, almost lunch time,  and I’m fighting shy of a foul mood on account of the foul weather and realise there are going to be 4 of us for lunch today.  I do not normally “do” … Continue reading

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part two of the abbacchio alla cacciatora

While the lamb was braising away, with its lid on, I cut up 4 artichokes … which are no big deal this time of year … even so, I love them.  I took the outer leaves off and sliced each … Continue reading

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a roman way of cooking lamb – abbacchio alla cacciatora

An article describing the rising popularity of Roman food in Manhattan restaurants came out in January this year in the New York Times but, typical of my distaste for haste, I only read it yesterday (over the internet) and quite … Continue reading

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where were you girls?

So … what do you do when you invite girlfriends over for supper at the last minute (even beyond last minute notice?) … carrot and pumpkin soup (in the trusty pressure cooker), brick chicken (without the benefit of a brick, … Continue reading

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peeled carciofi waiting to be cooked

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