A touch of oregano to spice up the aubergine

A very quick and easy way to serve aubergine as a side dish is to cut it into fairly thick slices and coat the slices with olive oil mixed with oregano before cooking them on a griddle (preferably a cast iron one).

The bowl contains extra virgin olive oil and about 1 teaspoon of dried oregano.  The red implement is a brush (it’s hard to tell in this photo!).

Wait for the griddle to get really hot …

Brush ONLY one side of the aubergine slice with the olive oil and oregano …

Put the aubergine onto the hot griddle with the oiled part face down …

Then brush the other part when the slices are already on the griddle cooking.

Turn them over when they are just right, i.e. when they have browned.

Don’t overcrowd the griddle.  Cook in small batches so that you can keep an eye on what is going on.  Realise, too, that it is a slow process at first that will speed up by and by … !  The first batch will take a ‘long’ time and the last batch will be incredibly fast in cooking.

Sprinkle some salt and, if you like, some pepper too.  You could even add chopped up garlic (I don’t).

Incredibly simple to cook, and intriguingly rich in taste.  There are never any left around for leftovers … Nice to serve with goat’s cheese or feta?

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