‘Nobudy’ can stop me trying – cooking steak on rock salt

Friend L. visited her son in Budapest and came back basking in gastronomic bliss following a treat out to dinner at Nobu’s there.  The hightlight? Wagu beef cooked over Himalayan rock salt! “Ooooo” quoth I, clapping my hands in glee — much the way books of yesteryear were apt to describe little children rapt in the joy of their playmaking.  What a spiffing idea! Can’t wait to try it out myself.  I get so carried away like that …..

And try I did … and there is a lot to be said for ‘trying’.  Hats off to me for ‘trying’.

But beginner’s luck was a touch distant with me this time result-wise.  In my defence, it must be pointed out that I had no access to Wagu beef myself … and that I had not even seen what the dish looked like at Nobu’s.  So more doffing of hats for my imagination.

A keen sense of trying and a joyful imagination may not have passed muster by Nobu’s standards but they did, nevertheless, provide a bit of steak that was very pleasant to eat.

A cast-iron frying pan and plenty of Himalaya rock salt … lovely and pink.   Turn on the heat.

Once I used my hand to feel the salt adequately heated up …. I laid on the first steak.

On with the other steaks … and the smoke began to arise ….

I turned the steaks over … only once.  I a once-only kinda gal in the steak department.  No need to salt!

When I deemed the steaks ready, I transferred them to a serving dish.

Freshly milled pepper, and plenty of it, over the steaks as they rest.

This is what was left in the frying pan for Cinderella to deal with after dinner (actually not so bad at all …. added a little water and turned on the heat, everything melted and then I could throw it out, and clean the frying pan normally).

And here were the steaks, presented at the table.  Juicy and nice and strangely not salty at all: just tasty.

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