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The Makeover with Uriah Heep Ingredients: Egg Pasta with Courgettes and Tomatoes

Uriah Heep was, as we all know, very humble and he came to mind when I was having to make lunch about a month ago using very ‘humble’ ingredients: dried egg pasta, courgettes and tomatoes.  I had a little dare … Continue reading

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Of Popes and Soups – Minestra vegetale

There is no denying that Nimrod has a lot to answer for, oh yes, no question.  If it hadn’t been for him, there would not have been that hubris-inspired Tower of Babel and God wouldn’t have been irritated by this … Continue reading

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Adding Courgettes to Mussels – Impepata di Zucchine

I could have spelled that ‘muscles’ instead of ‘mussels’, considering how facetiously I wrote in a previous post about the lack lustre taste of courgettes (zucchini) but I think I have made the point now so … enough is enough. … Continue reading

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Cuscus with venus clams and courgettes

This is a variation of a cuscus dish I blogged about on 14 October 2010 (The Wonders of Cuscus).  It’s basically the same dish but this post … aha! … has blow-by-blow photos. One of the reasons I started this … Continue reading

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