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Parents-in-Law, Recovery and the Importance of a Good Meal – Pasta con carciofi, salsiccia e cipolla

Jokes abound over the relationship between in-laws.  And not without cause — family ties can be very frought and difficult indeed even when we are dealing with a situation happier than Romeo and Juliet.  Much as we like the idea … Continue reading

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Cabbage and Rice and all Things Nice – All in one with the Cornish Game Hen

The idea was to introduce more cabbage into our family’s regular eating habits.  Nobody in my immediate family jumps up and down for joy at the thought of eating cabbage and so I was looking for a cunning plan, see? … Continue reading

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Prosciutto Wrapped Veal Fillet

Fresh back from a trip to Emilia Romagna, my mood remained buoyant and bubbly for about a couple of days before domestic matters reared their needy heads and clamoured for immediate attention.  Put it this way: there was a mountain … Continue reading

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Veal that wants to jump in your mouth – Saltimbocca alla romana

One of favourite son’s favourite dishes is Saltimbocca alla romana — which is not difficult to make but does entail a bit of step-1, step-2 and fiddle-de-dee.  I wouldn’t recommend making this recipe for more than six people at any … Continue reading

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