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Pan Braised Fennel and Ricotta Starter

Fennel is one of the least beloved vegetables in my family.  It will get nibbled at if a dip is in the vicinity, and it will even be appreciated in an orange and fennel salad – but that’s about it. … Continue reading

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Loving the Leftovers: Pasta with Peas, Asparagus and Ricotta

When leftovers are aplenty, and size does matter after all, the ensuing and logical procedure is to finish them off in their “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” glory. When, on the other hand, one is taking stock of “bits”:  bits and pieces, a little … Continue reading

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The United Nations of Ricotta – Azienda Agricola Depau, Grottaferrata

This post is not so much about ricotta as it is about the people who produce it.  About how the vagaries of livelihoods and traditional diet conspire to conjugate animal husbandry, emigration and terroir. What if I told you that … Continue reading

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Loving the Leftovers: Fried Ricotta – La Ricotta Fritta

It is not surprising that fresh ricotta, the proper kind made with ewe’s milk, is frequently served as an antipasto at the Roman table.  It is delicious served on its own, with just a pinch of salt and a drizzle of … Continue reading

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Fattoria di Fiorano and its Shops (3)

Chef Sara Bugiada allowed us a glimpse of her prep work in the kitchen, before escorting us to the farm’s two little shops. Flowers in a vase – the ultimate kitchen accent piece.    Sara explained to us how all … Continue reading

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Little Easter – Pasquetta

Easter has come and gone and we are already looking to the Summer.  As I write this post, I am not even in Italy and wonder why I should bother posting it.  I then take another look at the photos … Continue reading

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A clever Wintry Roman-Style Antipasto – Ricotta, Pancetta and Guanciale

By clever, I mean that the execution of the recipe is very very easy and the result quite quite charmingly yummy, given the humble ingredients. We are talking about ricotta cheese, pecorino romano cheese, pancetta and roman broccoli. Boil or … Continue reading

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