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Roman Oxtail and Cous Cous – Fusion, Confusion and Creativity

When I hear or overhear people enthusiastically call themselves ‘creative’ cooks, I confess that, unless the person in question is young (under twenty) I tend to shudder inwardly; outwardly, I try to change the subject of conversation if need be. … Continue reading

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Polenta Wafers – Inspired by Salvatore Tassa and his “Colline Ciociare” Restaurant

And now … for something completely different! As the Monty Python used to say.  And by ‘different’, I mean something a trifle unnecessary but oh-so-delightful in the kitchen department. Goodness knows, anyone who has cause to read my blog on … Continue reading

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Sausage and spare rib stew for polenta – Polenta con le spuntature

Polenta may not be the most exciting of dishes unless a) you are really hungry and b) you are really cold.  It is these two factors that render polenta sublime.  Polenta (the corn meal) is similar to bread, rice and … Continue reading

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Cheese and Polenta Casserole – pasticcio di polenta

Aha! if this photo could speak … notice a glass of martini on the left? I needed one … that’s all I can say.  I was getting a trifle flustered, at this stage, about 6 :30 p.m. shall we say, … Continue reading

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Ossobuco even in April

Ossobuco is a very warming wintry dish … but that is not to say one can’t enjoy it at other times of the year, if the weather is cold enough.  With the temperature for Easter Sunday being forecast as cold … Continue reading

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The Generosity Gene and the Ariccia Farmers Market

For all that I avoid shopping at supermarkets as much as I can, I have to admit that I nearly always end up shopping  at those food shops that are within walking distance of somewhere to to park — and … Continue reading

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Taking the pressure off Polenta Sauces

I remember the summer we decided to buy a pressure cooker while on a family holiday in the Marche, circa 1994-1995 with my in-laws and my husband and our young children all oohing and aaahing.  I had finally relented and … Continue reading

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