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The Grand-Duchess of Frascati – The Delight of Shopping at Ceralli’s

I do love to sleep in on a Sunday morning — or rather, that’s what I tell myself.  The truth is probably more like … I would so love to possess the right amount of self discipline to wake up … Continue reading

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Pizza con la scarola

‘Pizza con la scarola’ is a savoury pie that is typical of the cuisine of Naples and the Campagna region and is a favourite at Christmas especially.  ‘Scarola’ stands for escarole or broad-leaved endive which can also be eaten as … Continue reading

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Missing our Friends and Co-workers in Vancouver

No home food tonight! Eat your heart out in Vancouver — Alanna and I are going out for a wood fired pizza in Frascati … so  we can ponder while you work. (Check out the drums)

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