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Egg Pasta Squares and Peas – Quadrucci con i Piselli

Despite what non-bloggers may think, meeting people through the virtual world of blogs can be a very engaging occupation and though perforce vicarious and ‘loose’ as experience goes, it is not without rules of etiquette and social intercourse.  It is … Continue reading

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Prosciutto Wrapped Veal Fillet

Fresh back from a trip to Emilia Romagna, my mood remained buoyant and bubbly for about a couple of days before domestic matters reared their needy heads and clamoured for immediate attention.  Put it this way: there was a mountain … Continue reading

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Veal that wants to jump in your mouth – Saltimbocca alla romana

One of favourite son’s favourite dishes is Saltimbocca alla romana — which is not difficult to make but does entail a bit of step-1, step-2 and fiddle-de-dee.  I wouldn’t recommend making this recipe for more than six people at any … Continue reading

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