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Artichokes and Pecorino Cheese

Artichokes can be enjoyed in Rome practically all year round these days … because when they aren’t available locally, many restaurants will import them from Brittany in France. I, being a little conservative on matters of seasonality, prefer to wait … Continue reading

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Repeat Post: all about blanching anchovies

This is a bit of a cheat post … in that I am re-posting something I wrote two years ago regarding fresh anchovies and how to process them to make them fit for an antipasto.  My conscience is somewhat assuaged … Continue reading

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Insalata Russa: The Salad with a Mysterious Pedigree

I almost got a headache reading around the origins for a mixture of veggies and mayonnaise that in Italy is known as “Insalata Russa” (i.e. Russian salad) and in Russia as “Salade Olivier”.  By all means, if you have time … Continue reading

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