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Velvety Asparagus soup – Vellutata di Aparagi

Easy-peasy to make, that’s what this soup is — only it’s made with asparagus and not peas.  We’ve been enjoying some beatifically balmy, very warm weather the last week or so but until then it was raining far too much. … Continue reading

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Pasta with Pistachios from Bronte

My Sicilian Maria friend invited me and a few other girls over to lunch just before Christmas and made the most gorgeous gnocchi in a pistachio sauce (that and lots of other dishes) and, for good measure!, she also gave … Continue reading

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On a Silver Plate – Cream, Cognac and Posh Polpette

The thing with meatballs is that you either love them or sneer away from them if you’re not Italian.  I’ve yet to met an Italian who doesn’t like his or her ‘polpette’ (‘little pulps’ is the literal translation of meatballs … Continue reading

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Tagliolini with Seafood and Lemon Sauce

I didn’t get to read Richmal Crompton’s “Just William” books until my mid twenties and that was upon the recommendation of an office colleague who continued to enjoy re-reading them as an adult and who, now that I think about … Continue reading

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Paté – that old-fashioned finger food

Paté — and I don’t mean fois gras — is always welcomed when I serve it as a party treat.  I associate good times with paté and I am very often reminded of a hilarious scene in the film “Funny … Continue reading

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