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Quiche Frascataine

Warning … caveat Emptor … this is a rather long post … if it’s the recipe you are after, and to be honest it would be worth your while taking a look at it, just scoll down until you come … Continue reading

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Artichokes and Pecorino Cheese

Artichokes can be enjoyed in Rome practically all year round these days … because when they aren’t available locally, many restaurants will import them from Brittany in France. I, being a little conservative on matters of seasonality, prefer to wait … Continue reading

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Deep Fried Roman Artichokes – Carciofi alla Giudia

Perhaps not everyone knows that many a traditional Roman recipe owes its origin to the Jewish cuisine of Rome, which in turn harks back to techniques and textures that go all the way to southern Italy and Sicily.  I am … Continue reading

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Fresh Photos of the Traditional Vignarola Recipe

I made a vignarola the other night with the help of a friend who had never made this dish before.  It was later than I had counted on by the time we got home and I was debating whether to … Continue reading

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Loving the Leftovers – Artichoke Omelette (Frittata di Carciofi)

It’s not unusual to have leftover artichokes at this time of year in Italy … and whilst they are good to eat the following day at room temperature, it is equally tempting to muddle them up with some eggs in … Continue reading

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Artichoke and Tomato Steak Salad for a mid-week brain chatter crisis

This is about a mid-week, no-fuss, hunger-satisfying, forget-about-the gourmet dinner.  Plain. Austere almost.  With a hint of defiance: don’t you dare add anything else … it is what it is, and it is meant to be what it is meant … Continue reading

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Carciofo al mattone – Of Artichokes and Bricks

I’d never heard of this recipe until my husband mentioned eating artichokes baked with the aid of a brick in a restaurant in Rome (“Evangelista” in Via delle Zoccolette).  Artichokes being ‘the’ vegetable of choice around the Easter period, I … Continue reading

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