Pecorino Frittata … And We Won’t Mention Tripe! – Uova in Trippa

With the holiday season already started and long lists of things-to-do and things-to-buy piling up whether we want them or not (Christmas and New Year can by trying times for many people), having to think of what to make for dinner can seem like another hard mountain to climb.  Here is a dish than can solve your menu problem and help you keep your hair on and your dietary conscience squeaky clean.

The recipe includes eggs, onions, tomato sauce and pecorino romano cheese (parmesan will do too) and all it needs is a nice salad to accompany it.  Abracadabra … and dinner can be served in less than half an hour !

IMG_9943 Chop or slice a large onion and cook it in olive oil over a medium flame (do not let the onion burn).  IMG_9944 Open a can of best quality plum tomatoes (these beauties were a gift to me by Gareth Jones last September) … or use passata if you prefer.IMG_9945 IMG_9946 Add the tomatoes to the onion, sprinkle a little salt and … after tasting … add 1 teaspoonful of sugar if think the sauce is a trifle too acidic.  Simmer the sauce for at least 10 minutes for best results.IMG_9949 Here are 10 eggs in a bowl.  There were four of us for dinner.  Beat the eggs and add a pinch of salt.IMG_9950Fry the eggs using evoo in a non-stick pan … first on one side, and then turn over and cook it on the other side.  Be careful not to overcook. IMG_9951 Slide the frittata onto a large plate or wooden board.  Slice the frittata into long strips.  You now need to pour the tomato sauce over the frittata slices.  If it the tomato sauce has gone cold, then make sure you reheat it.IMG_9952 Pour the tomato sauce over the strips of frittata.  Add the grated pecorino romano cheese.  And sprinkle some green leaves of your choice (parsley or thyme or mint or oregano).IMG_9953 Doesn’t it look gorgeous?IMG_9954This dish is called ‘uova in trippa’ in Roma … meaning ‘eggs in tripe’.  That’s just a joke … the strips of frittata look like the strips of tripe that are traditionally served in Rome with a sauce just like this one.

You can add black pepper or, if you are anything like me, hot chilli flakes to the tomato sauce.  Be sure to have bread to mop up the sauce.  Cleanse your palate with a fresh salad afterwards.  Abracadabra … a healthy, colourful, filling and fulfilling dinner: what more could you wish for ?


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6 Responses to Pecorino Frittata … And We Won’t Mention Tripe! – Uova in Trippa

  1. What a fun way to prepare the frittata and it looks delicious.

  2. Karen says:

    Frittata is a terrific dish to prepare when you don’t have a lot of time and delicious as well. I’ll try saucing it the next time I make one.

  3. Interesting, had not heard of this before.

  4. Gee Jo…that does look delicious! If you only knew the quantities of tinned tomatoes we power through in 6 mos.! Although…you might not be surprised!

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