Spelt and Orange Salad – Farro con Arance

Whenever the word ‘salad’ gets drawn into conversation, I immediately think of lettuce, rocket/arugula and green, leafy ‘things’ and associate it with Summer – because that’s when salad used to get eaten, i.e. only during the Summer months when the clemency of the weather inspired their growth.  With the advent of modern agricultural techniques and the help of refrigerators, these kinds of salads can be enjoyed all year round.  That said, salads have now come to mean a dish that incorporates all kinds of ingredients that can include both cooked and uncooked ingredients, and the more colourful the better.  I hope you like this one, made simply with spelt (emmer wheat), oranges and/or lemon juice, and olive oil.

This is a version I made last September …

1 I had cooked the spelt and then drained it and allowed to cool.  Once in a bowl, I seasoned it with lots of orange juice, salt and olive oil (evoo).2 I cut up some oranges and seasoned them, also, with salt, evoo and a good sprinkle of oregano (this particular oregano came from Sicily – the aroma was just inspiring, let me tell you).3 3b And then, just recently for an Event in Boston, we repeated the recipe.4 This is the brand we used ….5Follow the cooking instructions on the packet.  Here it is, ready to be seasoned.
6We decided to add lemon juice as well as orange juice to the mix …
7And here you have the dressing … plenty of evoo, orange juice and lemon juice.  Sprinkle the salt directly over the cooked spelt.10655223_10152936245906320_2106872433141211681_oWe left some of the salad dressing aside and poured it over the salad just before serving it. We also added slithers of radicchio … radicchio and orange go so well together.  We did not use dry oregano because it would not have gone well with the radicchio.IMG_0503And there is this lovely, colourful, healthy, eye catching salad on the presentation table … just minutes before guests started to trickle in.

The salad can be cooked a day ahead, seasoned and kept refrigerated until the next day – so it’s a very handy one to include on any menu that requires freshness.  The slices of oranges are added only minutes before serving.


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2 Responses to Spelt and Orange Salad – Farro con Arance

  1. Tom Tierney says:


    It was really great to finally meet you. I just wish we could have cooked with you also. That will have to wait till the next Italia visit.

    Thank you for such a fun evening and great food.

    We want to make the squash dish for Thanksgiving and was hoping you could send the recipe to us. I would love to try the pumpkin dish but I think I should make a first try before attempting to make it for T-Day.

    Thank you again.

    TomT Sent from my iPhone


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