Monday’s risotto – Risotto with Beaten Eggs

An old post but apt for today … with the weather changing (i.e. getting colder) comfort food is required for sure …

My Home Food That's Amore

So … Monday late morning, almost lunch time,  and I’m fighting shy of a foul mood on account of the foul weather and realise there are going to be 4 of us for lunch today.  I do not normally “do” lunch and that’s because it’s usually just me at home and so I tend to eat leftovers, or see what’s in the fridge and make a salad, or scrambled eggs, or some cheese or ham. And besides — who has time to cook lunch?

But there was a definite nip in the air today and this called for something hot to keep the rest of our busy day going.  Home-maker’s dilemma?  What to do, what to do, what to do? (say it fast enough and you’ll sound like an owl or a turkey).

The fride door, once opened, revealed the menace of its ajar state.  Not much there.  Not even…

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2 Responses to Monday’s risotto – Risotto with Beaten Eggs

  1. There are some people who deny that cooking can be an art form—it’s too every day, too ephemeral. What nonsense! Art can be anything that infuses our lives with meaning. And good food is right up there with Michelangelo and Raffaelo in my book!

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