Borage even in the Bathtub – Borragine Fritta

Borage here, borage there, borage, borage, everywhere!

It’s that time of year … borage shows up at markets with its intensely blue, five-petal flowers, which is why this herb is also known as “starflower”.  Nature can be such a ham with excess on occasion but it cannot be denied that she knows a trick or two about seduction.  Borage looks so … so … “fresh” and “vivid” and come-hither, reminding us that Spring is all about promise and potential, renewal and re-jewel.  Borage is very Alice in Wonderland … Eat Me.

1 Other common names include bee bread, burrage and common-bugloss — so says the following link which can give you more details on its botanical and nutritional make-up:

2What they don’t tell you is that it can be a handful to handle … it is very bristly and not very pleasant to touch.  Touch doesn’t rhyme with ‘ouch’ but that’s exactly what I exclaimed as I took to trimming it with a pair of scissors.  It is the leaves we are after (and flowers), not the hollow stems.
3 I suppose you could add the stems to soups … but I wasn’t making soup that day so … so I was able to give them the heave-ho without even a hint of culpability.  Once trimmed, the borage needs proper cleaning … Borage needs quite a lot of pampering, let me tell you.4 I had so many leaves one time that I had to clean them in the bathtub …5On this occasion, thankfully, I was able to wash and rinse them in the kitchen sink.
6When the water came to the boil, I added some salt and gently slid the borage leaves into the pot.  The idea is to wilt the borage … so only a few minutes of simmering will suffice.
7Drain the borage and allow to cool.
8 Shape the borage into little patties …9 Make some batter with plain flour and water.  Ice-cold water, however, and preferably sparkling.  Allow the batter to set for at least 20 minutes.10 Dip each borage patty into the batter and fry in some olive oil or other oil of your preference.  The borage has already cooked, remember, so the borage fritter is ready the minute the batter goes nice and crisp.11 Once on the plate, add a good pinch of salt and serve hot.12 Isn’t it amazing that we go from this ….13To this?

That is the magic of cooking.

Please note that you can fry the borage leaves, one at a time, without bothering to wilt them first.  Best to do that when you have someone to help you at in the kitchen!

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6 Responses to Borage even in the Bathtub – Borragine Fritta

  1. What a simple way to cook them (after all that pampering!!) What is the flavour like – I just can’t imagine it! But those fritters do look good!!

  2. Ciao Selma … they were nice, yes … but then I am the original “fried food fanatic”. There is an Italian saying that says even the sole of shoe would taste good, if fried. Only today, I saw a similar recipe on the internet, written by am Italian TV cleb chef, and he flavours the borage in a saucepan with some olive oil and garlic before frying it. Clever, very clever. Will try it that way next time.

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  5. ‘nice’ doesn’t seem an adequate reward for the effort – mind you, i look at borage with a jaundiced eye, given i have spent the last two years digging it out of my garden & i know very well what long deep forked roots it can have, how it can spring again from the tiniest fraction of those roots, and how the prickly hairiness irritates the skin. flowers are a very pretty blue, like a deep summer sky, and if you have space enough in the garden for a borage patch, it will seed itself very successfully without any effort on yr part, so easy to grow. flowers good in pimms (the drink) which is the only other food use i’ve found for them.

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