Sausage and Roman Broccoli (Broccoli e Salsiccia)


This is such a ‘homey’, unpretentious and simple dish that I almost feel silly talking about a ‘recipe’ for it.  Instead of ‘bangers and mash’, this is salsiccia e broccolo romano.  It can be eaten as a main dish or it can be used to make a pasta sauce.

1Trim the broccolo …

2 Blanch the broccoli and any tender leaves in plenty of simmering, salted water … until it is tender.3 Drain and set aside for now.4Here are some Italian sausages … I peeled the skin off three of them.
5 And then I cut the sausages into large chunks.6 I cooked some garlic in plenty of olive oil … adding a couple of peppercorns (you could use chilli flakes as an alternative).  Make sure the garlic turns golden and does not burn.7 When the broccoli florets had cooled down a bit, I cut them in half …  You don’t have to but I think that it is a good idea because this way, we are increasing their surface area and more surface area being coated with olive oil and sausage equals more taste.  Add them to the saucepan and toss them and cook them for a few minutes.8Make a little clearing in the middle of the saucepan and add the sausage pieces.
9 Use a wooden spoon to spread out the sausage meat …10 It will cook in very little time …11 Here it is … nice and pink.12 Sprinkle salt and pepper …. and serve.IMG_2765B roccolo and salsiccia may not ‘look’ much … but believe me, it packs in a lot of taste — always!  Enjoy.


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10 Responses to Sausage and Roman Broccoli (Broccoli e Salsiccia)

  1. Francesca says:

    One word: yummy!!! 😉

  2. Looks great! I’d probably add pasta to this. I’ve finally found a place to buy Italian salsiccia, and it looks just like the one you used here.

  3. And I thought the roman broccoli was a form of cauliflower. 😉 Those sausages look so fresh, quality and yummy.

  4. Simple dishes like this are often the best and the quality of your broccoli and sausages shines through your photos. The sight of that broccoli makes me think of Rome and seeing them in the markets!

  5. I know it is simple but it is also delicious. I don’t know why Roman broccoli isn’t available in our markets.

  6. Simple with great ingredients is always a winner – your ingredients look fabulous!

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