Fattoria di Fiorano – A bevy of country bounty (2)


The Fattoria di Fiorano is on Via di Fioranello which links the modern Appia to Via dell’Ardeatina – I consider it to be one of the most beautiful roads this side of Rome’s infamous Ring Road (Grande Raccordo Anulare, GRA) and, as mentioned in the previous post, almost a stone’s throw away from Ciampino Airport.  The main gate was closed and the signposts tucked inside of the wall today.


The original Via Appia Antica must be crossed at one point on the Via di Fioranello, and the estate’s villa is situated somewhere behind centuries-old pine trees, with a breath taking view of the Castelli Romani to the south east.  This really is countryside and yet we are only 15 km from Rome’s centre.

3 Here is a view to the south east with the peak of Monte Cavo in the middle, and the seashore on the right of this photo, probably less than 20 km away.4 We parked our car with the bumper close to these colourful flowers.5 And members of the pumpkin and courgette family greeting us ….6 Ha! Spotted! One courgette flower in full blossom!  not necessarily normal for this time of year.7 And old and friendly olive tree.  One of many on the estate.8Along one side of the fattoria ….
9 Lemons … still green … but already very lemony ….10 Mint.1112 And as we got to the length’s end of the Fattoria House and turned the corner … here is what we found.  The forno a legna – the wood fired oven house on the left. Bales of hay in the middle … The picnic area on the right with cypress and pine trees. And lots and lots of space for picnic areas in the background.13 Apologies for the poor quality of this photo but it will be remedied with the ones that follow.  I left it in nonetheless, to give the reader a view of how the restaurant has been drawn.  Currently, with the weather still being mild, it only has three walls.  Soon, the ‘missing’ wall will be fronted with glass to keep the barn-like feel of the place.14 When I say ‘barn’ … I mean a converted barn!  Simple, rustic and yet somehow very unshabbily chic.15
16 17 18Sémillon and Merlot … perhaps not the most typical of Italian wine varietals … but then Fiorano wines were certainly not ‘typical’ ….
19 Here is a picnic basket, empty for now.   Visitors can choose to fill it with what’s on the picnic menu and then amble off and enjoy their lunch in a copse or elsewhere on the grounds.  What a great idea!20The left hand side of a very pretty, water-coloured menu.  It is an explanation of the Fattoria’s background and a declaration of what might well be its motto: “Rendere universale il particolare senza tradirne l’unicità”.  A little hard to translate into English but here goes: We aim to make as widely available as possible (universale) the opportunity to experience something that is recognisably different (particolare) without in any way debasing that which renders it unique (unicità).  I do think the three Antinori sisters Allegra, Albiera and Alessia are onto something appealing in more than one sense and it somehow reminds me of what Debo, Dowager Duchess of Devonshire and last of the Mitford sisters, did with Chatsworth.  Except that Chatsworth, of course, is miles and miles away from London …
2224 A view from the inside, looking out …


Is that sweet pea growing up the side of the water cistern?25The round rainwater cistern … the marble inscription reads Francesco Boncompagni Ludovisi, Prince of Piombino ….26 The wood fired bread oven … good for making focaccia too, topped with grapes as they do in Tuscany.  Look at some of the wood stacked outside, to the right.27And hey! what do we do with bales of hay!  Have fun that’s what!  Jump and muck about all over the bales … Aimed at kiddies of kids’ age, apparently they are very attractive to kiddies who are 30 years old too …
28 A roundabout …29 Tables and chairs for mini men and a mini women …30Another spot designed for casual dining, with a view of the ‘orto’, the kitchen garden, well in view.

1When I say kitchen ‘garden’ … ahem … we are talking about 4 hectares!

3 Pomegranate …4 Quince …5 6 Herbs …7 Crops …8Alessio looks very pleased with himself, and he has every right to be.

A third and last post on Fattoria di Fiorano follows.

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  1. Francesca says:

    The fattoria and the restaurant look lovely! I can totally picture people eating, drinking and enjoying themselves.

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