Chickpea and pasta soup with a mushroom finish

Pasta e Ceci …

This post is about pasta e ceci.  And I’ve written about it before:

The great thing about pasta e ceci, is that apart from tasting wonderful, it takes no time at all to make! (read the above again).

Today, after buying porcini mushroom’s at Cocciano market, I decided to add a few to the pasta e ceci.  It worked.  Very nice.  Try it some time!
1 On the left are the quadrettoni I bought … I thought I’d give them a chance instead of the usual maltagliati.  Their cooking time is 4 minutes.2 Here is one of the porcini mushroom … which I proceeded to clean and then slice.3 I cooked the mushrooms with a little bit of olive oil, that’s all.4 5 Here is the pasta e ceci with a good grin of black pepper, the sprig of rosemary removed.  Heat switched off and ready to be plated.6 Mushrooms also ready …7 Served!  And on my dish with a little bit of fresh chilli too.8And to finish it off, a drizzle of lovely olive oil.  Fast Food the Italian Way …

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6 Responses to Chickpea and pasta soup with a mushroom finish

  1. Darya says:

    Yummy!!! I love pasta e ceci, and I am sure it must have been delicious with that gorgeous, fresh mushroom!

  2. Sandy Grushcow says:

    Looks super simple but delicious.

  3. Oh yes, now it’s really getting into mushroom season (we had a guy selling loads of porcini and galletti – chanterelles – on our market this morning), pasta e ceci con funghi is a great idea!

  4. Oh that mushroom! Oh that pasta! Jo, I have to dream about this all day!

  5. That mushroom!! Now I will have to make a trip to Borough Market to see if they have anything comparable (unlikely!) I love chickpeas and often add to pasta but never as a soup – can’t wait to try this – the weather is getting colder…

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