Beach panino – the “best of the kind” that we know of …

The thing about people like us (PLU as Nancy Mitford very cleverly and succinctly put it) is that … we are not early risers.

We most definitely CAN be on occasion … when push comes to shove and all that.  On the whole, however, when it comes to dashing off for a day at the beach, it’s a chronological miracle if we manage to leave home before 11 a.m.  That’s what we call “early”.  If the timing, instead, is “normal” … well, then, we are talking about noon, give or take half an hour or so.

In other words … by the time we get to the beach, it is most definitely lunch time.  We are almost hungry by the time we are actually in the sea, swimming and larking about, and quite famished by the time we think it’s a good idea to leave the harsh sun for the comfort of the shade of a beach umbrella/sunshade.

This is … then … the time of day … when … a bite into this panino is something sublime.  The panino is filling but light, tasty but not salty, and satisfying but not “heavy”.  In other words … perfect.

As with all things simple, when they are good, it requires the best quality ingredients: bread, olive oil, mozzarella, tomato, salt and basil.  For the rest … it’s a no-brainer!

1 Cut up the tomato or tomatoes … add a sprinkle of salt and drizzle some olive oil …2 3 Cut up your fresh mozzarella …4 5 Slice the rosetta in half … if you don’t have a rosetta, then use two slices of good bread.6 Fill the two halves with the seasoned tomato …7Then add the slices of mozzarella and hand-torn basil leaves … sprinkle a little bit more salt.  You won’t regret it!8 9 Squash the rosetta panino … so that the two halves cleave together as much as possible …10 Some of the oil and juices are bound to ooze out … that’s okay …11 Wrap the panino first in some kitchen paper …12 Then, for a flourishy finish, wrap the panino in some aluminium foil … drip proof and everything-else proof when one is travelling …13 14All excited and ready to go …there couldn’t be a better panino for a beach lunch!

I wrote something very similar almost two years ago … which just goes to show that, when something is ‘real good’ … what goes round, comes around!


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5 Responses to Beach panino – the “best of the kind” that we know of …

  1. debrarussell24 says:

    Thanks, Jo. I have finally understood the value of the ‘rosetta’. It is a bread that I don’t like because it is full of holes, but now I understand why. As always, thanks for making kitchen things clearer!!!! Il giorno 04/ago/13, alle ore 00:14, My Home Food That’s Amore ha scritto:

    > >

  2. I don’t think you need a beach to enjoy that! Yum.

  3. With good ingredients this is divine!

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