Liar liar pants on fire – Pasta alla Checca Demographic

It’s that time of year when cooking is a sweaty, sticky, sultry business — or rather, it’s supposed to be sultry business.  Instead of which we have been invested, here in Rome, with the kind of Stormy Weather that we really don’t want to deal with at this time of year!  Still, standards must be kept up, stiff upper lip and all that … and so today for lunch, I made “pasta alla checca” as though the temperature were a steaming and sizzling affair.

IMG_0203IMG_0202Son and daughter pronounced it very good, wolfed it down and then went off their separate ways.

Sigh.  You see … I associate this pasta recipe with “young ‘uns”, little folk (under 20) … and now in the family we are all over the two-decade age bracket.  I suppose I shall just keep having to make this pasta dish to inject ‘freshness’ into the menu section of my life!

Here is the recipe, in case you’d like to try it, as written a little while ago:

And here is a link to an old (1941) Italian song sung by a group called “Il Trio Lescano” … it’s all about walking in the rain: Camminando sotto la pioggia.

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2 Responses to Liar liar pants on fire – Pasta alla Checca Demographic

  1. Another yummy pasta dish! 😀

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