Ceramics and the Travelling Girl …

Today’s post is a cheat post.

Here is the link … and do be sure to read it, please!


It’s a ‘cheat’ post because I wrote it for another blog last week … but the more I think about it, the more it seems that the post in question will make a welcome ‘fit’ into this blog because it was all about … cooking … and all about … ceramics.  I don’t know whether any of you have noticed, but very often I will serve whatever I am cooking on a ceramics plate or serving platter.  I just love my ceramics …

I have been working for a company called Giardini di Sole (www.giardinidisole.com) for a good number of years now, and we import beautiful ceramics and tableware and stone and lavastone tables from Italy to North America.  There is a showroom in Vancouver and another in Boston, and last month we all convened (two of us from Italy, one from Vancouver and two in situ) to the Boston showroom for an Open Day (amongst other business).  And ooooh did I enjoy eating oysters and lobster and … fiddleheads.  I’d never heard of them before.  They’re curly whirly vegetables that grow in the wild:


And of course I went crazy for flank steak and proper home-made hamburgers and sweetcorn and lots of other goodies both home-made or eating out.  One of the best Asian fusion meals of my life? at Myers and Chang (http://www.myersandchang.com/).


IMG_7844 IMG_7817 IMG_7847I and my four colleague work very hard and it is because we work so hard that we know how important it is to make sure that fun and games and laughter, supported by good food and nice wine, are always on the day’s agenda.  We all love to cook and we each have our own cooking style that requires both rational intelligence as well as emotional intelligence.  What kind of cooking style best describes you?

Here is the link again: enjoy!


And, in case you’d like to know more about our ceramics and Open House … take a look at this post too:



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2 Responses to Ceramics and the Travelling Girl …

  1. Wonderful Jo! I checked out the other site too. Nice and beautiful business… lovely spread for your opening. More power to businesses owned by women!!! Viva Italia! 😀

  2. L’ha ribloggato su cassandrawainhousee ha commentato:
    love this blog

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