A Page Three Girl at last!

I never thought I would be writing this … but … I am very flattered to be a page-3-girl, albeit fully clothed and no big bust thrust in the viewer’s eye (*), mentioned on the website “Italian Reflections – Great Italian Blogs and Websites”.   Thank you very much, I am very very happy!


* For those who were not raised in the United Kingdom, a page-three girl was the photograph of a semi-naked, usually very busty girl, posted on the third page of a daily newspaper!

(Wikipedia: Page Three (or Page 3) is a feature found in the Sun tabloid newspaper in the United Kingdom, consisting of a large photograph of a topless female glamour model usually published on the newspaper’s third page. The Sun has featured topless models (known as Page Three girls) in its print edition since November 1970 as well as on its official Page Three website since June 1999. Although “Page Three” and “Page 3” are registered trademarks of NI Group Ltd, parent company of the Sun, the feature has been widely imitated in other British tabloids and by newspapers internationally.

Page Three is popular with some readers, but it has also attracted sustained controversy. Some critics have argued that Page Three objectifies and demeans women, while others have argued that the feature is softcore pornography that should not appear in a generally circulated national newspaper. Some campaigners have advocated for legislation to ban Page Three, while others have tried to convince newspaper editors to voluntarily drop the feature or modify it so that models no longer appear topless.

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11 Responses to A Page Three Girl at last!

  1. chef mimi says:


  2. – Well done! I think you totally deserve it.
    – I did sort of blink at your title, though! What?!? Too funny.

  3. Libby Morris says:

    Way to go, Jo… I always knew you were a page three girl?!!!!

  4. Francesca says:

    Congratulations, Jo! Very well done. 🙂

  5. Congratulations, Jo! I had not heard the expression, it is funny! 😀 )))

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