Pasta and Broccoli Soup

This is a traditional soup which may not be very exciting but that’s all right I suppose, because soup isn’t supposed to be ‘exciting’ now, is it? Nourishing, warming, soothing, comforting, healing, filling, satisfying … these are all adjectives that usually apply to soups.  Pasta e broccoli is part-soup and part-pasta and it comes under the category of what I call “slurpy soups” … you know what I mean!

Get your broccoli and cut it into florets.  Then put some water onto the boil and add a good amount of salt and when the water is rolling, throw the broccoli in and blanch for a few minutes (3-4 minutes say).

Drain the broccoli and transfer immediately to a bowl full of icy water.

Leave the broccoli to cool down and then drain and set aside.

Prepare a soffritto, consisting of 1 carrot, 1 celery stick, 1 onion and/or a few cloves of garlic, and as much or as little pancetta cut into matchstick shapes.  Drizzle some olive oil into a pan and then gently cook the veggies and pancetta, stirring now and then.  This might take 5 minutes or slightly more.  The heat is a low one, we don’t want to brown anything.

This soup requires a small sized pasta shape, it’s going to be eaten with a spoon after all.  In order to get a good balance between the pasta and the soup itself, it is a good idea to consider 50-60g of pasta per person and 250ml of liquid per person.  This is a rough gauge that I find very helpful.

Pour the water into the pan … when it comes to a boil, add some salt and then add the pasta.

Add the blanched broccoli to the pan when it is five minutes BEFORE the pasta’s final cooking time.

Add about 1 spoonful of tomato concentrate out of a tube … or 1 tomato cut into cubes.

Use a potato masher to ‘bruise’ the broccoli a little bit towards the end of the pasta’s cooking time.  Grate some pecorino cheese … or parmesan if you prefer.  Done!

Ladle the soup into your bowl ….

Sprinkle the freshly grated cheese … and enjoy!  Slurpy noises are allowed with this kind of soup …!

A steaming good slurpy soup!

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3 Responses to Pasta and Broccoli Soup

  1. AdeL says:

    hi, Jo! sometimes Anna uses to cook something very similar to that, but instead of tomato sauce, she prefers to add anchovy paste. Have a try at it and than comment…

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