Sartor’s Arrosticini Messinesi with a Green Sauce

Daniele from the Sartor Butcher’s at the Testaccio market told me that he was inspired to make these skewers after watching some little old ladies sitting outside their house in Messina, crafting little ‘pouches’ of meat stuffed with cheese and herbs and what have you. His take is to lay thin slices of beef so that they overlap into one very large ‘sheet’ of meat; he then sprinkles parmesan cheese, breadcrumbs, a mix of herbs and wild fennel evenly all over.  Then, starting from one end of the ‘sheet’, he rolls the meat into one long sausage shape.  He cuts it into 1-inch chunks and puts a skewer through them, rolls them in breadcrumbs — and voilà, we have ‘arrosticini messinesi’ !

Owing to the fact that so much taste is already encased in these arrosticini (the herbs, the wild fennel, the parmesan), I decided to just use a little olive oil to cook them in, and nothing else.

The layers of meat are very thin so the cooking time is minimal (2-3  minutes).

Here they are on the serving plate.  Never having eaten them before, however, I thought a little sauce might go well as an accompaniment.

Rocket (arugula) …. lemon juice …

Thin slices of garlic, a good squeeze of lemon, and some olive oil.

I made an emulsion of the ingredients with an immersion blender.

I then added the rocket leaves  and blitzed those too.  Added salt and pepper.

Rocket and lemon sauce …

Dinner.  Lovely.  More-ish.  Da ripetere, as we say in Italian (to be repeated).

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2 Responses to Sartor’s Arrosticini Messinesi with a Green Sauce

  1. Libby Morris says:

    These look delicious… we have to visit Sartor’s in October!

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