Using pistachios to make a different kind of pesto

The effort required to make this pasta sauce is not commensurate with the end result … but in a very positive way!  And that is because the little energy required bequeaths the reward of a textured, lingering taste and the sensation of a ‘light’ summery meal.

First, chop up a few tasty tomatoes, drizzle your best olive oil and sprinkle some salt and add any herb you happen to have …

Second, toast a  handful of pistachios in a small pan, taking care to keep the heat low so that they do not burn.  If you can get pistachios from Bronte (Sicily) all the better …

Then head towards your food processor.

I added a little garlic to the toated pistachios.

Olive oil too (evoo).

Here are some basil leaves and a few sprigs of marjoram too … any herbs of your choice for the green theme.

Some grated pecorino romano cheese … use parmesan if you prefer that.

Use the pulse and whizz away until you end up with a thick-ish pesto.

Place the pesto in the serving dish … and cook the pasta.

When the pasta is almost cooked, take some of the boiling water out of the pot and put it back into the food processor so that it emulsifies with any leftover pesto and olive oil.  No point wasting all that good stuff.

Now add the tomatoes … and combine with the pesto.

Add the cooked pasta and mix well.  Finally, sprinkle a shower of parmesan snow all over.  I like black pepper so I sprinkled some of that too.

Very South of Italy … very buono …. very need-to-take-a-nap-on-the-hammock after eating this and dream sweet dreams ….

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2 Responses to Using pistachios to make a different kind of pesto

  1. I love pistachios and this is a wonderful way to use them!

  2. Alanna says:

    And to think I left Turkey without bringing a kilo of pistachios home with me to make this! Can’t wait to try it.

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