Salsa Tonnata – Fish ketchup

Salsa tonnata is a sauce made using tuna packed in olive oil, some capers, a few fillets of anchovies packed in oil, and some freshly made mayonnaise.  It’s been around for a while and, as with the previous post on aubergine sandwiches, it does not draw attention to itself for any innovative or iconoclastic ingredient or technique.  Plain.  Nice. Good.

Also very versatile.  I love it because it is guaranteed to cheer up any leftovers or salad or meat or dull fish.  I think of it the way some people think of ketchup.

Today, I used it to stuff some tomatoes.  We emptied the insides of the tomatoes and turned them upside down for a 10 minutes, so that all the liquid would drain away.  Then we made the salsa tonnata and stuffed the tomatoes with it.   You can make them in advance and keep them in the fridge before serving … perfect for a very hot hot hot evening.

Capers.  These were kept in salt so I rinsed them well first.

Tuna and capers in the blender.  Three fillets of anchovies too.


Here is the result, looking a bit ‘stodgy’ !

Home-made mayonnaise …

Add the mayonnaise and use a spoon or a fork to blend it in.

aha! we now have Salsa tonnata … no longer ‘stodgy’ but all  nice and smooth.

We used a spoon to stuff the tomatoes …

We covered the tomatoes with their own ‘lid’, and added a few sage leaves.

Maybe a little twee … but who cares!  We enjoyed eating them.

And here was the rest of dinner:

Boiled green beans, served with olive oil and lemon juice.

And the aubergine sandwiches that we read about in the previous post.  All very summery and lots of veggies too, just how I like it!

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