Pizzaiola for a quick mid-week dinner

The connection between the adjective ‘pizzaiola’ and pizza is that of their both being from Naples in origin and of three ingredients that were the staple for a neapolitan pizza: tomato sauce, garlic and oregano.

Carne alla pizzaiola means cooking fairly thin slices of beef in a pizzaiola sauce made up of …. you guessed it: tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and oregano.

Maybe our grandmothers cooked the meat for a long long time … but for a long long time since then, it is now considered a ‘fast’ way of dealing with dinner.  The cooking is deceptively easy to get wrong … and once or twice I have been offered ‘pizzaiola’ meat that was very tough to chew.  So the answer is to cook the meat as briefly as possible.

Olive oil in the saucepan, together with cloves of garlic and a spray of dried oregano.  Turn the heat on very low so as to cook the garlic very gently.  Once it has turned an attractive golden colour, it can be removed (I prefer to leave it in).

Here are some slices of beef that my butcher cut up for me.  You can see that they are very thin.

Cook them for about two minutes on one side …

And then another minute or so on the other side.  Sprinkle some salt.

Pour as much or as little passata di pomodoro as you like.

Cook for another two or three minutes and then switch off the heat.  Taste and add more salt if required, and add pepper too.

I then added some fresh oregano leaves …  but this is not really necessary (it’s just that herbs are an obsession of mine).

I had previously made some ‘cicoria saltata in padella’ – that is stewed chicory greens that are then cooked with olive oil, garlic and a few fresh tomatoes.

And here was dinner …. pizzaiola with chicory.   Very healthy, all told … and definitely tasty.  Needs bread to mop up the sauce, however, beware!

A close-up.  I love the way the sauce ‘glistens’.

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  1. Looks brilliant – and I think I could do that for one!

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