How to imbue a Winter salad with a sultriness that’s all about Summer

Salads spell summer and sultriness.  Disappointingly, too many people tend to limit the potential of a salad solely to the health aspect of its ingredients.  I get bored with the ‘health’ hype after a while … meaning, please bear with me, that I take it for granted that anything we eat SHOULD be healthy.   Saying “a salad is healthy” is like saying “water is wet”.  True but not necessarily enticing.

Salads are enticing in hot weather because they are fresh and cool and crisp, adjectives that   make us recoil in horror when the temperatures drop.  So … when the climes chime with ‘brrrrr’ … the best thing to do is add a spray of colour to the salad, tease a little sweetness into it with some fruit and, no ifs no buts, plenty of nuts too.  That’s how you add a little ‘sultriness’ to a Winter salad.

Slices of beetroot and pear … salad leaves, chives and parsely … dimples of walnut …. scattered cubes of primosale cheese … seasoned with nettle salt.

A close-up ….

 All it needs now is some delicious olive oil and a hint of balsamic vinegar.  No salad can ever come close to  gustatory sultriness without good olive oil.

P.S.  A strain of honey would be good too, as would some crusty bread.

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