Matriciana – Variation number 1

I made this matriciana in July of last year.

Grated pecorino cheese, plum tomatoes, guanciale, glass of white wine.  Short pasta in the background (no bucatini or spaghetti).

I cut the guanciale into stocky strips and cooked them on a low heat to render their fat and turn as crisp as possible.  Please note that guanciale should be heated gently otherwise it can develop a sour aftertaste.  Please also note that the pan should, if possible, by an iron-cast one (I think copper pans are brilliant too).

Adding a splash of white wine and turning up the heat to burn off the alcohol content.

Putting the pasta to cook in boiling salted water …

I set the guanciale but kept the cooking fat in the pan.

Time now to cook the tomatoes …

When the pasta was a couple of minutes away from end of cooking time, I removed it and …

And put the pasta to finish cooking inside the tomato sauce.

Now is the time to add the guanciale too …

And when the pasta is cooked al dente, switch off the heat add the pecorino.

Grate more cheese on the pasta once it is plated up.

P.S.  I didn’t add chilli because my son, for whom I was cooking that day, doesn’t like it.  So I added some to my own plate later.  If you want to add chilli, add it while the guanciale is cooking at the beginning.

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