Zucchini fritters and other antipasti

Courgettes or zucchine, however you want to call them, are darling little vegetables but they don’t exactly overwhelm with taste now, do they?  Their gustatory discretion invites the addition of other fortifying ingredients such as garlic or herbs and, always, a very good pinch of salt.  I am talking of the Roman courgette, which is a paler shade of green than the other kinds and sweeter.

But zucchine are no party poopers, they like to have fun too, and can play very flirty with  spaghetti with vongole, for instance.

Peekaboo …

And zucchine can make a surprisingly tasty fritter or patty — which I used to advantage as part of a series of nibbles or antipasti the other evening.  I made it up as I went along, so I can’t give you exact quantities … it is very intuitive cooking, however, and so if you’d like to make some, I am sure you won’t have any problems.

The ingredients are: zucchini, a spring onion, eggs, flour and bread crumbs, as well as cooking oil.  First of all, I cut up the zucchine and put them in the food processor.

The spring onion is looking rather limp … never mind.  I roughly chopped it and added it to the zucchine.

I added two eggs and salt and pepper.

Next, 2 heaped tablespoons of flour (and naughty me for not sifting it first).

Pulse the food processor and be careful not to over-process: we don’t want a mush.

Here it is, all nicely mixed together.

It turned out that the mixture was still a little too liquid for my liking, so I added enough bread crumbs to firm it up.

Use two spoons to shape each fritter and shallow-fry them in small batches.

Turn them over only once.  They don’t take very long to cook, about 3 minutes on one side and 2 on the other.

Here is a close up.  This is when you should sprinkle a good bit of salt, i.e. after they have been fried.  (They should have been resting on some kitchen paper to absorb the excess oil but in my haste to cook and photograph I forgot.  That’s okay … I patted them dry with some absorbent paper before putting them in the serving dish.)  They were crunchy without, and soft within, as a good fritter should be.

Here is the antipasti table …

Chunks of thickly cut mortadella … the toothpicks are resting inside a cup of spicy mostarda di frutta … the idea is to dip the mortadella in the mostarda for that little bit of edge.

Home-made focaccia cut into squares, dotted with buffalo mozzarella and a sliver of anchovy … considered a delight by some, a horror to those who shy away from anchovies!  In this household, anchovies are cherished …

Right at the back, on the left hand side, is a glass cake stand with stracchino cheese and olives on it.  I served it with carassau bread.  You can see one plate of zucchine fritters at the front, and another diagonally opposite.  A nice glass of very cold Franciacorta bubbly (Bellavista is my favourite) … and not too shabby, eh?, for breaking the ice as the guests arrive and mingle.


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