Naughty by nice – breaded turkey breast

Anything breaded and pan-fried automatically belongs to the category of Naughty-but-Nice.  For the bold.  And if boldness doesn’t work on persuading a more hesitant soul to go for it, you could always fall back on the tried and tested: ‘a little of what you fancy does you good’.  In other words, there is simply no excuse for NOT indulging in a little ‘panato’ (Italian word for ‘breaded’) now and then.  It is packed with taste! Definitely a mood enhancer …

I was mulling over the culinary theme of  ‘Turkey Time’ making a crescendo through countless households this time of year in the USA, in preparation for feasting on Thanksgiving Day, and posed myself the question: what if some people, for whatever reason, did indeed want to celebrate tradition and eat turkey but did not relish the thought of having to roast a whole turkey?  And that’s when I thought ….what about breaded turkey breasts?  It was the first time for me and can I tell you?  I really enjoyed being the guinea pig for this experiment!

Slices of turkey breast …

Fresh herbs: sage and rosemary.

Chop the herbs.

Add the herbs to the breadcrumbs, together with salt and pepper.

Mix the herbs in with the breadcrumbs so that they are evenly spead out.

Beat a few eggs to make an egg wash in a mixing bowl and add a squirt of lemon juice and some more salt and pepper.  Place the slices of turkey breast in the egg wash and let them sit for about 15 minutes.  If you have the time.  If you don’t, you can get cracking straight away.  Take one slice at a time of turkey breast, and make sure it is coated all over with the sticky egg wash …

Then place the turkey on the plate with the herbed breadcrumbs and press down hard.  Turn the slice over, and press down hard on the other side too.  You want the breadcrumbs to adhere to the meat so don’t be shy about pressing otherwise the breadcrumbs fly all over the place.

Here are all the turkey slices, all breaded up.  You could cover the plate with clingfilm and put it in the fridge and cook the meat the following day.

I happened to have some clarified butter in the fridge.  Clarified butter is just the best for pan frying breaded meats.  However, olive oil mixed with butter, or butter on its own, are also very good.  Just make sure the butter does not turn brown.  Keep adding fresh better as you see it dwindle before your eyes (the meat soaks it all up).

The clarified butter is doing a wonderful job of cooking the turkey …. Turn the slices over only once.  About 3 minutes each side ….

That evening, I also happened to have some slices of sweet potato that I had roasted the previous day.  I thought they would go very well with the turkey …

A closer view …. what do you think?

Cherry tomatoes for garnish …

And in case you were wondering: no, they are not at all greasy.  Just more-ish in a crunchy way … festive enough?


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