A zen frame of mind and guanciale

On one food shopping occasion, I got carried away and bought far too much guanciale than I could use within a reasonable frame of time — even though it’s a good idea to keep some to spice up any dish.  Pancetta, guanciale and sausage have immensely ‘reviving’ taste-enhacing properties on any plain dish.  Add a bit to any dull-as-ditchwater dish and it is magically transformed into something scrumptuously more-ish.

Guanciale doesn’t go off as such … but more than a week in the fridge and it ends up looking very user unfriendly and sometimes the fat turns a very unappealing yellowish colour: nature’s way of saying ‘sell by date has expired’.   It happened to me more than once that I had to throw some away and consequently felt very guilty … I hate to get rid of gone-off or leftover food, knowing how many people in the world have to struggle to get fed properly or worse.

And then one day I came to an aha! revelation in concluding that it would be a good idea to pack guanciale in olive oil in a glass container and stash it in the fridge.  The oil would keep the guanciale from going off …

While I was cutting up the guanciale into strips, I fell into a zen frame of mind … I don’t know whether you are aware that chopping and/or cutting, and with it all the fine motor skills involving the fingers’ movements, does that to one’s brain.

So … next time you have nothing to do or feel that you need to calm your monkey mind, why not get hold of some guanciale and prep it to store in the fridge for future use.  Waste not, want not ….

And three weeks later …. still good!


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