Roast beef

Italian TV celebrity chef Fabio Campoli dished out some very good technical advice on how to roast beef which startled me all the more for its common sense.  The core tenet of his theory is that the hot air in the oven should circulate freely all around the meat and thus the meat should NOT rest on a baking tray but, instead, on an oven shelf/rack, with a baking tray underneath it to catch any dribs and drabs.  Simple and very clever.

The first thing to do is switch the oven on, at 220°C – I like my ovens hot ….

Then I lightly coated this wonderful cut of Fassona beef with a little olive oil, and browned it on all sides on a hot frying pan.  It is a good idea to rub salt and pepper all over the meat and let it marinate like that with the olive oil for an hour or so at room temperature.

The meat tends to shrink somewhat as it cooks … this is normal.  Depending on the size of the beef, browning on all sides can take up to 10 minutes.

And now that the beef has browned, here it is, resting on an oven rack, with a baking tray directly below it.  The tray contains a little hot water.  The beef weighed 1kg roughly and so I let it cook for 5 minutes at 220° and for another 15 minutes at 200°.

Here is the cooked beef, now resting on its companion baking tray after they have been removed from the oven.

I covered it with  a large sheet of aluminium paper, mummifying it for a good ten minutes.  This allows the meat to rest and the juices to return to hidden places which will result in succulence and enriched taste.

As you can see, some of the juices preferred to leave the meat … gravy!  I took some rosemary needles and roughly cut them up and sprinkled them onto the meat and its errant juices.

Let the slicing begin … and as you can see, the meat is very rare.  That is the way most of us in the family like to eat it.

Here it is all sliced up …. one more thing let to do now and that is:

P our boiling water into the baking tray and scrape if you have to …

Transfer all the stuff from the baking tray into a small saucepan, heat it, let it cook and reduce for a few minutes …. taste … add salt and pepper … and pour over the meat.

Very nice … tender, tasty and juicy.

N.B.  Next time I make it, I will remove the fat first.  I thought I would be adding to the flavour but really all I did was create work for me …. the fat needed to be removed anyway before serving … and it created smoke in the oven.

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2 Responses to Roast beef

  1. My english is not perfect but your roast beef is wonderfull! I had the lucky to know Fabio Campoli and I think he’s a good chef and a beautiful person.

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