Pasta with mussels and pecorino cheese

The photos of this post are very spartan and I never got around to snapping a shot of the cooked pasta on a proper serving plate or dinnerplate.   Sorry about that … I was too busy getting on with eating it!

Olive oil, peppercorns, lemon zest and some garlic to sauté ….

Freshly steamed-open mussels in their own broth or ‘liquor’ or whatever it’s called.

Freshly grated pecorino cheese

Pour the broth/liquor of the mussels into the sauté (i.e. keep the muscles away for now) …

When the pasta is about 3-4 minutes away from the finished cooking time, add it to the pan and turn on the heat.  Use a wooden spoon to gently turn the pasta as it absorbs all the liquid.

When the pasta is perfectly al dente, turn the heat off, and add the pecorino cheese and mix well.

Add the mussels last.  Handle with care when mixing in, they are delicate.

Add a sprig of rosemary … or thyme … or parsley …

So simple to prepare and so incredibly tasty and satisfying.  Try it one day.

(Okay … so cleaning mussels is not something we do every day … even so, mussels are not ‘difficult’ to prepare.  See my previous post “Mighty is the Mussel”.)

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