When mushrooms are boring – fry ’em!

Funghi porcini/Ceps and chanterelles and many other mushrooms have such distinctive flavours that sautéing them with some butter or olive oil in a frying pan together with some garlic and a splash of wine or a dash of cream … is all that you need for some very high-level taste.  But what about those white mushrooms, like the ones in the photo above? you know the kind …. ‘champignons’ they are called here in Italy by their French name.

Not much in the way of taste now, do admit.

They can be sliced up and used in salads or even on top of pizzas … Making soup is probably the best one can do with them, adding a bit of sausage meat or pancetta to eke out a bit more taste.

That, or — fry them.

Cut them up into four, dredge them in flour, shaking off the excess … dip them in an egg wash (whole beaten eggs) and then, last, coat them with bread crumbs.  At this point fry them in plenty of olive oil …. and Bob’s your miracle-mushroom uncle.  The boring mushrooms are transformed into naughty finger food, fried finger food at that!

Two eggs to beat are about enough … add salt and pepper.

Sifted flour on the left, bread crumbs on the right.

Bury the cut up mushrooms in flour and don’t worry, for once, about shaking off the excess.

Slather the flour-coated mushrooms in the sticky egg wash …

The finish them off with a thick coat of breadcrumbs.

Use a spoon to help you.

Heat the oil …

Fry them at a lively temperature …

Drain on kitchen paper …

Sprinkle a little more salt if you like … and serve!

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