Pollo con i peperoni

A summer classic here in Rome and Lazio and probably elsewhere in Italy too.  Please note that this recipe in particular makes use of ‘prosciutto’ (parma ham) but this is a variation. It can be made perfectly well without the ham.


You will need a chicken, chopped into 8 or 10 pieces, and leaving the skin on.  Three or four slices of parma ham, again, chopped up or cut up with scissors.  And about half a glass of white wine.

 The green stuff is marjoram … parsley will do in case you can’t find fresh marjoram leaves.

You will also need a can of plum tomatoes (not in the photo,ooops!).

You will then have to avail yourselves of three large capsicum/peppers … known as peperoni in Italian … together with two red onions and some fresh basil leaves.

The idea is to cook the chicken first and then the capscum/peppers secondly and separately.  And finally the twain are supposed to meet and meld into something rich and everlastingly memorable.  So memorable that you shall want to repeat this dish every summer, to remind you of how lovely life can be during the warmest part of the year.


While I was browning the chicken in one frying pan, I used another to sauté the chopped up slices of parma ham (prosciutto).

When the prosciutto and the chicken have been mixed together, now is the time, strangely enough, to add the garlic cloves (i.e. not before).

Use a wooden spoon to mix everything up nicely … we want all the ingredients to be on friendly terms.

In goes the wine:

And things will bubble and sizzle …

And now is a good time to sprinkle a little salt and pepper …

And for the ubiquitous tomato sauce … straight out of a can … (but it’s good stuff!).

The marjoram leaves are added just after the tomatoes …

The lid of approval is put into place … and the chicken is left to simmer away for about 20 minutes (this will depend on the type of chicken you are using … some chickens might require a little more cooking time).


Cut up the peperoni and remove any white ‘bits’ and the nasty seeds … Seeds do nothing in terms of taste, are probably not the best thing for one’s digestion (just think of what they can do to anyone with diverticulitis) and … can get embarassingly stuck in people’s teeth — most unsightly.  So … no cutting corners when prepping these peperoni!

Does Nature know a thing or two about the vibrancy of colour?  And of course … if any one is a Roma Football team fan … who could ask for better!

Remember the dear little red onions?  Here they are, all nicely sliced up and sweating away with some olive oil in a casserole.  Sprinkle some salt and keep the heat low … we don’t want these ladies to brown, just go soft that’s all …

Add a teaspoon of sugar … onions just love sugar.

When the onions have gone all nice and soft, now is the time to add the brazenly coloured peperoni!

Sprinkling of salt and a bit of basil …. the peperoni are all crisp and standing to attention at this stage.

Cover with a lid and cook gently for at least 10 minutes.

The peperoni have become all soft now …. they are yielding their sweetness.

A good stir and a bit more basil … and time to put everthing together.


Transfer the cooked chicken into the casserole with the cooked peperoni and enjoy watching them say How do You Do?

G et your serving dish ready …


Steady ….


And guess what?  It tastes wonderful the day after too … and is perfect for a picnic.  Slice plenty of crusty bread to mop up a sauce that just ooozes summer!

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